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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 7, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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the clock is ticking on him. experience serious allergic reactions he wants to do immigration such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. reform and get gun control. other issues will come up. flexpen® is insulin delivery my way. we can say again the bipartisan covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. perspective and he will have find your co-pay cost at outreach today at the white ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today house. the gop vice presidential candidate and meetings and perhaps a paid attorney will see if the outreach generates consistency in this approach and the big question is results. -- captions by vitac -- >> john king, thanks. thanks. i'm fredricka whit field. i will see you tomorrow same time and same place. this is the cnn "news room." brooke? >> hi, everyone. i'm brooke baldwin and any a riveting trial in arizona. moment the president is expected to sign this violence against jodi arias on stand for women act. live pictures. we are awaiting the president questioning right now. questions coming from the and his signature. he will be speaking live. keep in mind this was a huge jurors. only three states have this method. fight in congress. anthony a being one of them. the judge then posing the jurors soon it will be law and when it questions and she's answering happens, we will bring that to them. let's listen in as she answers you live. questions about the murder of first i want to begin with what has been playing out as a
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her boyfriend. >> late october, early november showdown on capitol hill. and said that not in line with the secret, the secret being the it is all over your right. fresh off of his marathon speech law of objection and made me on the senate floor yesterday. tear it out, so at that point, i he was talk, talk, talking. was into the reaction. republican rand paul today again demanding answers from the white i agreed with him. house. i figured he's right and honestly, i felt really bad what does he want? specifically here he wants to because that's the first time he heard me say something negative know whether the obama about him. i had never said negative things administration believes it can kill american who is are not toward him or about him. engaged in terrorist activity on behind his back and he, i felt u.s. soil using targeted drone attacks. like kind of like i had been you remember here eric holder caught saying something very bad earlier this week suggested it about him, so i didn't do that anymore. was indeed possible, but highly >> if that is the case, why were unlikely under the u.s. you okay with leaving an entry constitution and that made rand in your journal that talked paul livid. about how travis would get angry well, after 13 hours of if he knew you had gone to filibustering the president's rachel's house? pick for cia director, they are >> that would have been in late august or early september and attacking him today. we know the white house this argument that occurred responded. we will hear from them in a would be late october and the moment, but first senator rand paul speak exclusively to cnn.
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watch. subsequent lecturing of writing negative things occurred after >> how is your voice? >> voice is recovering. i think i lost a few pounds so that maybe later in october or there advantages to not eating early november. all day. >> why was it okay to write i was sneaking candy bars. about how travis made you sick there is a candy drawer and if and happy or sad and miserable you go to the candy drawer, you sneak around and get a candy or that something wasn't right bar. you caught me with the candy bar about him? >> that was a very mild way of in and out. my wife said can't you choose how i sometimes felt about that with your mouth closed on the darker side of him. floor? >> i have to ask you about the substance of the as far as qujust the emotional turmoil and pedophilia, also a side of him that he was trying to overcome. at the same time, so what i was doing is listing the contrasts of the range of emotions that i felt when i was with him. >> after you snatched the gun off the shelf, did you do anything to a gun such as cock
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it, slip off the safety, manipulate a slide or anything prior to it going off? >> i don't think i would know how to do that, so the answer is i don't know. probably not. i just grabbed it and pointed it, what i remember. >> had you ever had any firearms training or fire a .25 caliber pistol prior to this event? >> never fired a gun, but i was relatively familiar with them. not formally trained. but relatively familiar. >> how far away from you was travis when the gun went off? not when he lunged, but when the gun went off. >> the lunging and the gun going off was sort of contemporaneous. i don't remember how close they were or if they happened at exactly the same moment or one
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right after the other. it all happened very fast and i would say as far as distance, maybe as far as -- is, but i couldn't say for sure. certainty. >> you stated that you remember throwing the gun into the desert, but do you remember what happened to the box it was in? >> no, i do not. >> what about the holster you mentioned? >> i only say the holster before i moved. i didn't see it again after this. >> did he keep extra ammunition with the gun? >> i never saw ammunition next to the gun and i never found any in the house. >> if travis lunged at you, why didn't you just move to the side, out of his way? >> well, it happened very fast.
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i didn't have time to think. everything just happened it seemed in a split second. so, i really don't -- i just didn't have time to think, move this way or that way or back up or do this or do that. it just happened the way it happened without really thinking about the best move to make. >> you remember dropping the knife and screaming, but you don't remember taking the gun or rope with you. is that correct? >> in a sense, that's correct. i remember dropping the knife and scream and that memory came much later -- i'm sorry. can i -- >> overruled. may continue. >> but it goes blank after that. i don't remember putting the gun in the car. i don't remember putting the rope in the car, but i have not crystal clear, but pretty solid
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memories of disposing of those things. so they did go in the car obviously, but i don't remember placing them in the car. >> you are stating you believe you stabbed travis based on logic, how do you explain blood on your hands and clothes and the bloody palm print on the wall? >> well, i do know that we struggled that day. and based on logic, it would have been because of how we fought. i don't know how things ended up where they ended up, i just know that we were fighting. physically. >> if you were kneeling when you dropped the camera, how did it roll as far as it did? >> it didn't really roll very far. just kind of gave a bounce or two and maybe rolled like right
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here. it didn't roll very far. >> was travis sitting down when you dropped the camera? >> yes, he was. i think so. >> how did travis' anger escalate after you shot him? >> he -- i don't remember the words he was saying, but he was aingier. he was screaming more, cursing more. and we had fallen over right after that shot occurred and he was grabbing at my clothes and grabbing at me and again, as soon as i broke away, he threatened my life and that was definitely an escalation in his anger. that's how i interpreted it. >> was he chasing you after you shot him in the head? >> right after the shot occurred, we had fallen over in the bathroom, again toward the
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sink and garbage can area kind of not corner, so he didn't chase me in that moment, but that's where we struggled on the floor. as soon as i broke away, he said f-ing kill you -- so i couldn't say. >> when you purchased gas in pasadena, why didn't you just fill everything up at the pump so it would fall under one transaction. why do three separate transactions? >> well, what i do recall is when i filled the gas cans, rather than have just a loose gas hose somewhere, i didn't have anywhere to put it. so i hung it up and when i hung it up, that ends the transaction, so that's probably why if i could put them back in the trunk or where ever and then
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started the car or vice versa, at one point, i didn't want to just set it on the ground. i know that ended the transaction, so that's probably why there was more than one. and maybe i was topping off the gas tank for another. >> during your testimony about the abuse by travis, you have made several comments like as i understand it now or i've come to realize when discussing events that you may not have classified as abuse then, but see it as such now. have you utilized professional help? >> i have not had access to professional help, no. i haven't utilized that. >> did you enjoy having sex with travis? >> for the most part, yes, i did. pretty much. >> did he force you to do things you didn't want to do? >> there were things i was uncomfortable with. i didn't feel all together
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forced. i went along with it. so i didn't -- he didn't physically force me. >> why did you wait for so long to tell the truth? >> again, it took a long time, it took a long time for me to get to this point. i never wanted to admit to this. and i had written out all my suicide letters. i sent them in an envelope to my grandmother, do not open until november 10th, 2008. i was hoping to be dead by then. that date rolled by and then more time rolled by and then i was still here, so with the evolution of just time and the years, couple of years that went by, it was a gradual process and i began to feel not right about keeping it in instead. >> how many times did you try to
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kill yourself? >> i believe that was in california when i took apart my razor, i was going to do that, that was the only serious attempt i made. other than that, it's just like thinking how i might be able to do this, things like that. >> would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested? >> i honestly don't know the answer to that question. >> you said that one of your worst fears was for everyone to find out what was going on in your relationship. so, why did you talk to 48 hours and other tv stations? >> my attempt to talk to them was to present a better image of our relationship and down play the negative aspects.
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not really a big deal. it wasn't that bad. that kind of thing. oh, yeah, he did that, but that wasn't a big deal. even our arguments. there was turmoil, it was rocky, but we were friends. so, my attempt was more to present a good image of travis and a good image of myself and that our relationship had its ups and down, but we were still on good terms. >> you stated in the interview with detective flores, that travis liked to shave the old fashioned way. that would normally include the use of a straight razor. did travis own or use a straight razor? >> i don't think he did. when i was traditional way, i'm not overly familiar with the -- of how men shave their faces. i just know that he really got into it. i think he used something that
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would be like a bic, actually. a bic. bic razor. >> in testimony on march 5th, 2013, you mentioned filling a third gas can. when and where did you get this can? >> can you repeat that? >> in testimony on march 5th, 2013, you mentioned filling a third gas can. when and where did you get this can? >> march 5? i believe that was, that was a hypothetical. i didn't get, i had a third can when i purchased one, i returned it before leaving. so what we were doing is throwing out a hypothetical as to why would i only put two gallons in a third tank, or third can. i only had two gas cans with me. >> you're listening to responses from jodi arias, the questions being written by the juror, one of only three states that do so. you're hearing about questions that are focusing on her memory
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to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. we're following the jodi arias trial this hour. if convicted of first degree murder, the 32-year-old could face the death penalty. they're about to undergo a short break, then we'll resume. she'll be listening to questions coming from the jurors. she's accused of murdering her boyfriend, travis alexander, in june of 2008. arias initially told police alexander was killed by masked intruders, but then changed her story, saying she stabbed him 29 times, shot him in the head and slit his throat all in self-defense. arias answering questions from
10:18 am
the jury today, something we rarely see a defendant do and we warn you, testimony has been extremely graphic. christi paul explains the timeline prosecutors are trying to prove. >> the prosecution's laid out a timeline detailing how jodi arias killed travis alexander. at 5:29 p.m., arias takes a picture of alexander alive in the shower. moments later, she stabs him in the chest. prosecutors believe he was still alive and arias followed him down the hall to the bedroom where she slashed his throat. then dragged his body back to the bathroom, accidentally taking p pictures all along the way. investigators believe once arias got alexander back to the bathroom, she shot him in the forehead based on the location of the shell casinging, they believe that happened near the sink and that then, his body was stuffed in the shower. >> all right, again, gruesome testimony, gruesome pictures
10:19 am
there. very graphic in detail. several states allowed the jury to ask a defendant questions. 150 questions were submitted in this case. ari arias' lawyers were allowed a time to look at those questions. jurors may ask about a camera that arias used before killing travis alexander and there likely will be more questions about the gun she used. they've already asked her about whether she had training in the use of guns. her attorneys are trying to prove she did not steal a gun. so far, no gun has be found. arias was asked why she keeps forgetting part of the killing an at the end of the questioning, attorneys will be able to do some follow up as well. the defense may also bring in expert witnesses like a domestic violence expert or a psychologist. she has testified she felt she did this in self-defense and feared for her life. so how will the answers to these
10:20 am
questions, how might that impact her case over all? joey jackson joining us now from new york. so, joey, the jurors questions, even underscore that they have some i guess reservations about how she remembers certain details, but then in other cases, she doesn't remember anything. >> you know what? it's really fascinating because think about what the role of a juror is and the collectively what the jury does. their function is to cipher out what actually happened and there's only one person on earth who knows. that's jodi arias. that's the person that they're posing these questions to and so therefore, they're trying to get at the truth. what actually happened. was there anybody else who knows about your memory? was there anyone else who witnessed his anger? what exactly occurred in the bathroom? in the shower? and so, they're trying to get at it to determine whether or not justification, that is legally
10:21 am
speaking, self-defense was really proper here or did she just murder him. so i think they're really getting to the heart of it and i think this jury focused and looking to ensure justice is served. >> she is very poised and in control when answering these questions. do you suppose that might override what she does and doesn't say? in other words how she even answers the questions, is it kind of overshadowed by her phase cal demeanor? >> what we have to keep in mind is that she's had over four and a half years to think about this. now, of course, the juror questions were not posed then, but you can certainly anticipate and know what you have to do, how you have to present. what you need to say in order to extra kate yourself from this. and so in thinking about her demeanor, her responses, her tone, the way she's viewing the jury, she is instructed by her attorneys in terms of what to do, but you have to believe just as us lawyers do before we go to court, anticipating, thinking,
10:22 am
reflecting that she has a good sense of what she has to target, what she has to say and that's what she's trying to do in order to spare her life. >> and this is exhaustive. it really is tremendous that she has been on the stand for 17 days now. it seems to be very unusual to have a defendant on the stand that long. is it paying off for the defense is this. >> well, youb, you know, what happen ss that the defense strategy is twofold. number one, they have to establish no premeditation. she didn't mean to do it. it was self-defense and why she may be a lair, not a murderer. the second thing, they're looking to spare her life. by the number of days on the stand, they may be betting there's some bond established. it's much harder to sentence someone to death whom you feel you know. there's some type of relationship. you know who she is. what they're looking to do is to save her life. it's a risky move because if
10:23 am
they get the sense she's just lying her way out of this and besmirching alexander's character and walking over his graf, about the person she was then, they're going to have such a negative impression that it might be easier for them to make the ultimate decision like that. so it's a calculated decision. will it pay off? that jury has a tough thing to decide. >> they sure do. thanks so much in new york and of course, we're going continue to watch the trial as she is charged with her ex-boyfriend's murder. much more after this. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really.
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we continue to keep a close watch of the jodi arias trial. she's still entaning questions that have been written by the jurors and being posed by the judge. mean tile, another case we continue to follow. he just wanted to get out of new mexico, but wound up in solitary confinement there for two years. now, steven slevin has been awarded $15.5 million. he was arrested for a dwi and accused of stealing a truck. he was tossed in jail, then solitary confinement for two years. he says he was neglected so badly his toenails grew around his feet and he was not allowed to even take a shower. so, to pick up the story from here, victor blackwell. much more on this. it does have one wondering if this happens to him, how often does something like this happen? this is before he had a trial, right? >> there was no trial. at the end, the charges were
10:27 am
just dropped. this man he says had to pull his own tooth because he was so neglected be by the dentist at the prison. 2005, arrested for dwi. he was put in a cell alone because of a history of depression, mental issues. he never had this trial and aside for a few days of evaluation at a behave yal center and seven days of rec, he just sat in that cell for 22 months. >> was it an issue of they forgot he existed or was this a denial of due process? >> partly both. i spoke with a representative this morning and he told me that yes, it was a failure of the management at the prison, but also, the legal community. there was never a trial date set. he just sat there, fungas growing on his skin. he sued a county and managers.
10:28 am
initially, he was awarded 22 million, after mediation, it was dropped to 15.5. let's listen to him on the day he won that case. >> walking by me every day watching me deteriorate day after day after day. and did nothing, nothing at all. to get me any help. i want people to know that the people in the county jail that are doing things like this to people and getting way with it. >> the first payments of $12 million will be today or tomorrow wired to him, but here's another element. he's suffering from lung cancer and he's going for chemo therapy, so the question is, how long will he live? because he's already outlived the prognosis from his doctors. >> that really is a jaw dropper of a case. meantime, this one, an
10:29 am
interesting situation that has a whole lot of people scared along the atlantic coast. sharks and spring breakers. not a good mix and a lot of sharks are being spotted off the florida coast. just take a look at that image right there. this is the view of palm beach. thousands of sharks have been heading north along the south florida shore and now, some beaches are closed there. but the migration started at the beginning of the month. george howell is in boca raton, florida, so george, how concerned are people? i see a lot of people on the sand, but not in the water. >> i think there is some concern you see that several of the beaches just south of us, deer field beach was closed for about 30 minutes. the sharks are always nearby, just in smaller numbers. right now, we can see a lot of them. thousands of these black tipped sharks migrating north to warmer waters. as these sharks come by, they
10:30 am
will shut the beaches down for 30 minutes at a time for the sharks to pass, so keeping a very close eye on things. i want to bring in a marine biologist here. tell me first of all, the nature of the sharks. is this a real danger? >> these sharks pass through these waters about this time every year. through february and march, we see them in large numbers. they're small sharks and they're chasing small bait fish, so not really a concern for swimmers offshore here. >> so, when we see them close down the beaches, is that pretty important to make sure people don't get in there? >> it's a precautionary measure when you're having a guarded beach full of congresswomen saleswomen eers and sharks, sometimes, the mix isn't the best. >> sherry and i were talking earlier. this is obviously your passion. you love following this and i've learned so much about sharks today from you. thank you so much. >> and you know, the thing about
10:31 am
it. you find people are staying out of the water. this has been happening for several days and we'll see what happens in february and march, so we could continue to see it. >> i'm sure people will heed the warnings and most likely stay out of the water for a while, especially if the postings say so. thanks so much. appreciate that. coming up, a 24-year-old girl is attacked and killed by a lion. now, her internship at a wildcat sanctuary is being very much evaluated. the latest on the attack in california. plus, we'll continue to watch the jodi arias trial. she is charged with her boyfriend's murder. they're taking a break, but we'll bring that to you live when they resume. i've discovered gold.
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in central california, police are investigating a deadly attack by a lion. a 24-year-old was an intern at the cat haven sanctuary and was inside the cage with a 350-pound lion when it turned on her. her family said 14e died doing what she loved.
10:35 am
>> she was so happy when she got that internship and was having so much fun down there. it was her dream job, she was so happy, it makes it bearable that she died so happy. >> experts with the facility describe it as a professional and well run one. ted, what more do we know about the circumstances and what's next? >> well, what's next is the investigation continues. i had a chance to talk to dale anderson, the owner of this facility, this morning. he was reluctant to provide more details until the investigation is complete, but says he will provide more details mountain coming hours and days. diana was in this enclosure by herself with this lion. there was another intern just outside the enclosure when the attack took place, the other intern tried to get the lion's attention to another area, but was unsuccessful. when deputies arrived, the lion
10:36 am
was right next to diana. they had to shoot and kill the lion. they were not able to save her. as you mentioned though, this facility has a very good reputation as being a safe one. >> it's a shock anytime someone loses their life like this, but i've thaerd this place is quite a nice place. was there someone else out there with her when this happened? as far as intern or volunteer, i can't see that happening in this place. there must have been somebody somewhere to see this because no one would go in there with a full grown lion no matter what the attitude of the lion. >> that's jack hanna last night. that's a good question. why was she in the enclosure by herself? had 1she been before? i asked dale and said he would provide answers in the coming
10:37 am
days. >> thanks so much. so, diana's father talks to erin burnett tonight on "outfront." watch his first national interview tonight, 7:00 eastern time here on cnn. coming up, closing arguments begin in the cannibal cop trial. a new york city officer is plotting to kidnap and eat women? we're live from the courthouse. plus, we'll continue to watch the jodi arias trial. she is charged with her boyfriend's murder. the jury is coming back and we'll bring you the questioning live. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love.
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live pictures of the courtroom in the jodi arias trial. she'll be answering more questioning from the jurors as they ask questions about the murder of her boyfriend. although she says there are many accounts of what happened that night, but she doesn't recall. we'll keep you posted on it. it's closing arguments time in the case of the cannibal cop case. he is the new york city police officer who prosecutors say was moving forward on a plan to kidnap, orture, kill and eat at least six women, including his wife. defense lawyers argue he is harmless and just into quote stupid, infantile story telling. let's get some analysis now from legal analyst, sunny hostin, who is there. this is a very complicated kate.
10:41 am
what is at issue here? accused of plotting to do these things, but not carry these things out. though finds himself in court, right? >> that's right. the real issue here is did he really plan to kidnap women, sell women so that he could, he and some other friends could eat these women or was this just some sick, dark, twisted fantasy that only existed in his mind? and those were the stories we heard today, this was an explosive day in the courtroom. the defense attorney, a woman, really battling the prosecution in this case led by another women and they told such very different stories. the prosecution led with the fact that while this may have started out as a fantasy, he crossed the line into reality and the defense countered that is just not true. he had the world only in his mind.
10:42 am
he never intended to commit any kidnapping and this is just part of this sort of dark underbelly of the internet. the sexual fetish world where a lot of people apparently exist. this website,, has about 38,000 users and so the defense in this case is saying you know what, a lot of people do this kind of thing, but this is all fantasy. >> but the difference being that he was a new york city police officer and perhaps is he being made an example of or is it being alleged that anyone whose identity would be revealed in carrying out the same kind of activity would be facing the same fate or sequence of events here in court? >> serbly, the government is saying this is a new york city police officer who had access to a database where he could look up addresses and they allege he did in fact look up an address
10:43 am
on new york city federal database, so he's guilty of unauthorized access to that database. but they're also saying he went a bit further. rather than just staying in the fantasy world, what he really did the government allegations, he lookeded up zrass for real women, agreed to sell. one person that lived in the u.k., new jersey, pakistan. and so, they're saying he crossed the line both as a new york city police officer, but just as anyone else, could cross the line into reality by actually planning and conspireing to commit kidnapping. >> sunny hostin, thanks so much in new york for a very sordid case. meantime, this in phoenix, arizona. 32-year-old woman on trial for the murder of her boyfriend. >> do with him, he might think that's strange.
10:44 am
and so part of that was an attempt to appear normal. also, when i was with ryan, i felt a sense of safety. he wasn't pressuring me for sex and i didn't think he was going to haul off and smack me if i said the wrong thing or did something that displeased him. but again, even with all of those things, i wasn't in my right state of mind during that time. >> with were now in the fog when you were kissing ryan? >> yes. >> would you agree that you came away from the june 4 incident rather unscathed while travis suffered a gun shot and multiple stab wounds, you only had a bump on your head, our bruise on your head, scrapes on your ankles and possible shoulder injury.
10:45 am
>> as far as making comparison, him versus mine. yes, i would have to say that's a relatively accurate assessment. >> ladies and gentlemen, are there any other questions from the jury at this time? mr. nurmi, you may follow up. >> yesterday, you were asked about receiving the book of mormon from travis. do you remember that? >> yes. >> and you were explaining to us how you read a chapter a day of that book after you received it. do you recall telling us that? >> yes. >> and there were some other
10:46 am
questions about answers i guess that brought up the visits from the missionaries who came over to your house in palm desert. do you recall that? >> yes. >> the basis of some of these e questions really related to the law of chastity. do you recall that? >> that's correct. >> okay. >> now, one of the things you talked about in answering these questions as it relates to the book of mormon, does that contain a sort of list of as it relates to premarital sex, of activities that are okay and activities that are not okay? >> not in the book of mormon. it's broad. it's not listed out in detail in the book of mormon. >> for example, it doesn't say
10:47 am
oral sex is okay or not okay. it doesn't spell that out for you. >> no, it does not. >> okay. you mentioned the missionaries being younger men. that came to your house, correct? >> that's correct. >> okay. and this kind of dos and don'ts list, we'll call it, that wasn't in the book of mormon, do they give you anything of that nature? >> no. i had pamphlets, but they didn't have as far as the law of chastity goes, that was not broken down. no. >> would they explained to you from your answers, it seems to be that you weren't to engage in premarital sex. your take away of that was penile vaginal intercourse, is that accurate? >> well, i considered other forms of sex sex, but after gaining a sort of clairificatio
10:48 am
from travis and how he explained it, then i came to understand that vaginal sex was the ultimate like place to not go. until marriage. >> and in terms of going to this place, meaning penile vaginal intercourse, after these missionaries started coming over, had you, were now still encaging in sex after they came over and started telling you these things? >> no. >> and part of what we heard in your questioning is that travis served to provide you with elaboration, if you will, on the law of chastity. is that true? >> yeah, he delineated it more. >> so that kind of list of using oral sex as a continued example,
10:49 am
is oral sex is okay or not okay, he kind of provided that checklist for you, right? >> yes. >> okay. and based on his teachings, if you will, you came away from that with the idea that the law of chastity only restricted penile vaginal intercourse. >> sustained. >> after travis taught you these things, what was your understanding of what the law of chastity probted? >> the law prohibited vaginal intercourse between a man and a woman. and that it should be saved for marriage. that was the black and white of the issue on that. >> okay. >> all right, 32-year-old jodi arias there being questioned about her faith as it pertains to the sex she had with her
10:50 am
boyfriend, who is now dead in this murder case. let's bring in again criminal defense attorney, joey jackson and cnn contributor. the relevance here. >> oh, it's extraordinarily relevant. not specifically what mr. nurmi's saying, but what the jury was talking about. it's his job, mr. nurmi, is her defense attorney, to attempt to rehabilitate her after what the u jurors have asked her. the defense is putting it all on travis alexander. the one who taught her about the book of mormon through his interpretation was that certain activities were not prohibited. he was the one manipulating her and abusing her, so the defense is attempting to make her the victim as opposed pau what the prosecutor's doing. keep your eye on the prize, we know who the real victim is. with regard to what the jurors are asking, boy, they are right
10:51 am
on point. >> thanks so much. much more after this. helping people to walk again with mind controlled machines. >> so the person wears is robotic vest and he or she will use his or her brain activity to actually control the movements directly of this vest and the vest will provide some sort of tactile feedback like temperature, fine touch. >> it went from an idea that was impossible when i was first injured ten years ago, to probable to inevitable. >> in our lifetime, we will be walking new york and we will see a person walking the streets that could not walk before. i think in our lifetime, we'll see that. >> kind of gives me shivers. >> me, too.
10:52 am
i've been waiting for that for 30 years. i think we will be able to see it. it. >> neuroscientist this sunday 2:30 eastern only on cnn. [ male announcer ] the lexus command performance sales event has begun. featuring the exhilarating is. ♪ engineered to take on the most thrilling curves no matter where they are. the lexus is performance line. real performance demands real precision. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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two live events we are watching. at the top of your screen we are waiting for barack obama to sign the violence against women act and the lower part of your screen out of phoenix, arizona, we continue to watch the jodi arias trial. she is accused of murdering her boyfriend. the police reach out to congress with high level lunches and
10:56 am
dinners to get a budget deal. it was a different approach from last week when he told the american people blame beginning over the four spending cuts. today president obama had lunch with the leaders including a former vice presidential candidate paul ryan and last night the president picked up the tab for 12 republican senators to dine at a washington hotel for dinner. the chief correspondent john king joins me now. republicans have accused of president of not being socially
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